It just doesn’t feel right

I’ve been reading some old posts over at the old site for the blog and I’ve come to a conclusion: I’m moving back.

Sorry, but the WordPress site leaves me cold somehow. I still can’t find my way around it, haven’t worked out how to do the simplest tasks like putting up links and the “Howdy” thing irritates me more than I expected.

So we’re back to The Edge of Nowhere classic – or retro, if you like – and that’s here. I may even get around to writing something.

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7 Responses to It just doesn’t feel right

  1. Z says:

    I’ll read you wherever you are, and I’ll leave comments, but I won’t subscribe to comments on WordPress blogs because the Howdy palaver is so bloody irritating. So I’m pleased you’re moving back. As long as there’s an update once in a while!

  2. Macy says:

    Excellent plan!

  3. Richard says:

    I’m glad, wordpress blogs always look a bit soul-less. If they’re so hard to do maybe that’s the reason.

  4. Iain says:

    I, too, agree. A decision well made, Malc. Twould be good to hear more of your life/adventures on the outer edge!

  5. jim barrow says:

    Mal – I’m new to the blogosphere and will probably exit pretty quickly – but not as quickly as you seem to be jumping about with your blog.
    Stay still – your blog is as static as a collapsing England scrum.

  6. janetgordon says:

    And I thought I was the only one offended by being talked down to!!! “Howdy” indeed!! And some of the ideas for blog material – correct that – all of the ideas are at my kindest ebb, rather pathetic. Although I am currently having issues with Blogger’s reluctance to acknowledge my attempts to make comments, they do still get my vote, and I have a fair bit of experience in working in both genres.
    Keep blogging on no matter where – I did love the picture of Krummi – great little guy!

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