Scaredy Horse

Krummi the pony is one of nature’s nice guys and an occasional visitor to the pig farm where he gets on like a house on fire with Teddy and Merlin.

Krummi is an Icelandic pony, about twice the size of your average Shetland and about four times bigger than Merlin. He’s a good-looking lad too and, as he stands with Westray wind whipping through his mane, you can half-imagine an axe-wielding Norseman charging into battle on him.

But poor old Krummi has, up to now, had a terrible problem. . . at least, it’s a problem if you visit a pig farm. He was scared of pigs.

Now, those who spend rather more time with horses than is good for them tell me this is some sort of primeval fear by a flight animal (the horse) for a predator (the pig – yeah, really). I wish someone would point this out to Merlin.

Anyhoo. . . Krummi would stop dead and refuse to go any further whenever he was about to pass the pigs which made living arrangements something of a headache when he came to stay.

So I was expecting problems when he arrived for his latest short stay as Ted and Merlin were in a paddock next to the eight five-month-old porkers.

However, they are a very cheerful, friendly bunch and Krummi soon wandered over to the fence to investigate or – more likely – try to get a mouthful or two of pig feed. . . cute, isn’t it?

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6 Responses to Scaredy Horse

  1. Lovely picture Malc! Could make the headline story in the next edition of thee Westray Gazette. READ ALL ABOUT IT! “Icelandic Pony in threesome with randy porkers”. Just like Wolverhampton!

  2. Frith says:

    I second YP’s comment, except for the bit about the threesome and Wolverhampton. Love the photo – sort of dreamy and misty.

  3. Philip says:

    I am glad you pony learned to not fear.

    I have a Great Dane who is a lovely gentle animal. She will often curl up with a kitten as it it is one of her issue. She get along with everyone and everything. EXCEPT pigs. I first discovered this when she grabbed a 150 pound pig and tried to drag it under a car. Another time she tried the same thing that saw me fall down trying to gain control in the midst of 10 such half grown pigs only to try to get up facing a 700 pound sow. On a couple of times she took on the sows which ended with the sow taking off dragging the Dane latch onto her ear. It was a scary sight amplified with the bloody screams of the sow.
    I have since learned that Great Danes were developed in Germany to hunt wild boar. I have decided her behaviour is instinctual. I no longer raise pigs.

  4. yractual says:

    They’re lucky there are no Belgians around, otherwise they’d probably all end up in a baguette!

  5. Claire says:

    They appear to be great mates here. Fear conquered with the help of food?!
    This is my first visit here, your blog is interesting so I’ll be back.

  6. Claire says:

    Oh meant to say I came to Orkney for a week the year before last and absolutely loved it.

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