Veg talk

Who said size doesn’t count?

As it happens, the chances are a carrot this size is likely to have all the texture and taste of a plank. It’s going to be soup. . . or I may use it to knock in nails.

Anyroadup. . . I’ve cheered myself up considerably today by getting on with the veg garden. First job is to get all the carrots up.

The soil in our part of the island is a superb mix of sand and rich black loam – perfect for carrots as I think Big Boy here proves. A couple of years ago I took the chance of leaving a few carrots in the ground and they kept perfectly well right through to spring so I keep to that routine and today I lifted the best part of 75 kilos of veg, storing them in newspaper in some old wooden crab boxes. They should keep for two or three months.

In case anyone’s interested, the variety I use is the easily available Autumn King and I sow the rows in mid-to-late April or even early May if the soil is still cold, next to onions or leeks which, so far, have kept the carrot fly away.

Getting the hang of growing in a place where climate and daylight are so different to my former home in Shropshire has taken time, but I’m getting there.

Last year’s potato crop was a big success and there are still a couple of tonnes of turnip (swede) in the bottom field.

This summer I’ll increase the number of carrots in the hope of selling a few to cover the cost of the veg seeds, while I’m going to have a serious crack at a couple of beetroot varieties – bog standard Boltardy and the bright yellow Golden Beet. Boltardy is delicious in an oxtail stew, while Golden Beet looks and tastes really good in a salad.

If that doesn’t get me on Radio 4, nothing will.

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7 Responses to Veg talk

  1. pat says:

    Never mind radio 4, you are heading for gardeners world on tv.

  2. Dave says:

    The carrot would probably go well with your wooden crabs.

  3. I suspect that Katie Price (aka Jordan) would love to receive a carrot like that. Perhaps you could give her one?

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