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Merlin behaves like a prat – again

When handling farm animals, don’t rush, don’t panic and – most important of all – don’t get between a Shetland pony and a hefty gatepost. I reflected on that advice this week as I lay on my back in the mud, … Continue reading

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Wind and wuthering

Winter is starting to drag. Persistent rain and wind have left the fields soft and lifeless. There’s more brown than green in the grass. . . it’s hard to imagine that, in less than four months,  we will be stacking … Continue reading

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Like mother, like. . .

The piglet was very small, considering she was the first of the litter, and she didn’t seem that interested in suckling. The first milk is very important, providing colostrum that basically fires up an animal’s immune system, so the pig farmer … Continue reading

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