Hello there. . .

Well done, you found us. Thanks for making the effort.

Now all I have to do is find out how everything works and think of something sensible to say. Check back soon.

Cheers, Malc.

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11 Responses to Hello there. . .

  1. Z says:

    You move, I follow. Loyal and that. Now your turn to say something.

    Only thing with WordPress is (okay, I’m interrupting, sorry), you tick the box to be notified of comments, you get an email, you have to click a link and then say you do really want the comments. Don’t get it. Click once, sorted, surely, it’s only comment notification. And you have to do it on every damn post you comment on. Not that I’m complaining or anything. Ahem.

  2. Z says:

    Oh, and they say “Howdy.” I mean, really.

  3. Malc says:

    Yeah, I hate the “howdy”. . . can’t think what’s wrong with “Good morning” “How do you do?” or “Delighted, I’m sure”. At least there’s no “have a nice day”.
    I’ve tinkered with the comments settings so it should be OK just to comment without showing your passport. Let me know if there’s still a problem – should I ever get around to writing something worth commenting on.
    I gave up on Blogger after they tinkered with the pictures for the umpteenth time. I can’t even set a decent header on it now. WordPress seems a peedie bit more “user friendly”.

  4. Yorkshire Pudding says:

    Hello there! Don’t keep us waiting too much longer for your next proper post.

  5. Malc says:

    No sooner said than done.

  6. zIg says:


  7. Z says:

    Okay, sorry. Don’t know what came over me there. And your barb just gave me the merest glancing blow there, Ziggi, you didn’t annoy me at all. Thank you, Malc. I’d not have been put off leaving comments anyway.

  8. Frith says:

    Good golly, what a surprise. There I was thinking “Well, three years is a long time to blog. Malc must have chucked it in.” but lo and behold, new place, new post, new pictures. Lovely!

  9. Gin says:

    I found you! Don’t want to lose touch with the only person I know from your neck of the woods. (I’ll refrain from saying “howdy”…don’t want to raise any hackles.)

    Hope all is well on your little isle. If you see Reg tell him I said …um…hello.

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